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Product Info - calc-i-oss™ CRYSTAL


100 % synthetic


synthetic bone graft substitute for oral surgery
     100 % synthetic        Integration into bone        Application
calc-i-oss™ CRYSTAL
consists of biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP), a compound of 60 % hydroxyapatite and 40 % ß-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP).
  calc-i-oss™ CRYSTAL is biocompatible and vosteoconductive. The ß-TCP portion is resorbed. The hydroxyapatite portion remains as a stable, porous scaffold embedded in bone for longterm volume preservation.   calc-i-oss™ CRYSTAL is protected by a doublesterile barrier package to achieve the highest surgical standards. Prior to application into the defect, calc-i-oss™CRYSTAL is mixed with blood, blood preparations (e.g. PRP or CGF), autogenous bone or sterile saline.
Double-sterile barrier package
calc-i-oss™ CRYSTAL is synthetic and does not contain substances of animal or human origin.    
Reference No. A09-211 A09-231
Granule size 3 x 1.0 ml 3 x 2.5 ml
Units 450 – 1000 µm 450 – 1000 µm
Material BCP (60 % hydroxyapatite / 40 % ß-TCP)
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